HR E-Forms

Going electronic is a smart, pro-active choice you can make to control paper usage.

New Employee Forms

Everything you need when you hire a new employee.

Attendance Calendars

Take the headache out of tracking employee attendance with these helpful calendars.

Federal I-9 Form

All employers are required to keep these forms on file for all new hires.

W-4 Forms

The federal government requires that all new employees complete the W-4 form. The rates update every December.

FMLA Forms

FMLA compliance is one of the biggest burdens HR managers have to deal with, but these forms will help you stay organized and in compliance.

Hiring Forms

These forms will help you make the right hiring decisions and reduce the risk of costly lawsuits.

Termination Forms

Terminating employees is never easy, but these forms will make it as painless as possible.

Performance Evaluation Forms

Standardize your review process and help your employees develop in your organization.