Hiring Pack

TOTAL $84.95


Our Hiring Forms Pack contains five important forms to simplify the hiring process and keep you in compliance with Federal labor laws. Every pack contains 25 of each of the following at a 15% discount:

Interview Evaluation This form makes it easy for interviewers to evaluate and compare candidates. A simple rating system gives your managers a way to directly compare thoughts and feedback on the applicant.

Illegal Interview Questions Discrimination lawsuits are on the rise. This form provides managers with a guide to collecting necessary information from an applicant without asking any illegal questions.

Application for Employment This comprehensive, standardized application is compliant with all current Federal Labor Laws and gathers all pertinent information in an easy-to-read format.

Telephone Reference Check A guide to helping HR managers get the most from a reference check on a job candidate, this form provides questions so you can get the information you need to make an intelligent hiring decision.

Substance Testing Consent Form Each consent form provides your company with the means to keep drugs out of the workplace. This form is required if you test for controlled substances as a condition for hiring or continued employment.

Each pack contains 125 forms in all.