Cook County Minimum Wage Poster

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Cook County Minimum Wage It is a requirement that companies located in Cook County post the Cook County Minimum Wage Notice. The Cook County Minimum Wage Notice notes the minimum wage for the county, who is covered by this law, as well as how the file complaints about wage law violations.
Cook County Minimum Wage Poster

Posting Requirements

Required Posters:
  • Minimum Wage
  • Job Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Servicemember Employment and Reemployment
  • Pregnancy Rights
  • Payday Notice
  • Economic Security and Safety Act
  • No Smoking

Additional Posters:
  • Employee Classification Act - Required for all Construction Contractors Utilizing Independent Contractors
  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job - Public Sector Employers need to post

*Please note: There may be additional required state posters that you must acquire from non-governmental sources or state registration. We are not legally able to provide you with these posters. We will, however, inform you of any additional posting requirements in your kit.