Nevada Combined Federal and State Posters plus Update Service

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The Nevada Combined Federal and State Posters plus Update Service includes the Federal Complete Compliance Poster and all mandatory state-specific individual posters. The Update Service provides you with automatic, free poster replacements whenever there is an update.

This fulfills federal as well as state posting obligations. All posters are up to date with the latest revisions and law changes. Paid subscribers to the Update Service will be covered for one calendar year.

What's Included

This product includes all mandatory required posters for Nevada

Posting Requirements

Required Posters:
  • Rules to Be Observed by Employers (Minimum Wage)
  • Annual Minimum Wage Bulletin
  • Annual Daily Overtime Bulletin
  • Fair Employment
  • Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act
  • Nursing Mother's Accommodation Act
  • Domestic Violence Victim's Bulletin
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Paid Leave Act
  • Payday Notice
  • Lie Detector Tests
  • OSHA
  • Employee Sick or Sustained Injury
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation

*Please note: There may be additional required state posters that you must acquire from non-governmental sources or state registration. We are not legally able to provide you with these posters. We will, however, inform you of any additional posting requirements in your kit.