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OSHA Safety Posters

Keep your company safe with eye-catching signs and workplace posters that will make your employees aware of potential hazards or even help save a life in the event of an emergency. Our OSHA safety posters help you demonstrate your commitment to a safe workplace environment.

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Simpsons Safety Posters

Add some zing to your safety initiatives by hanging up these lively posters that put a fun spin on classic messages for a safe work environment. The larger-than-life Simpsons characters practically jump off the high-quality, gloss finish paper to engage employees in a humorous and refreshingly relatable way, all the while reinforcing key safety principles and best practices.

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Hazardous Material Safety

Employees who don't understand how to handle hazardous materials properly are a risk to themselves and others. An overly technical SDS and different labeling systems can add to the confusion. Our posters are designed to help workers understand the technical jargon and label symbols so they can work safely.

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Are You Counting?

It's one thing to tell your employees they're doing well to create a safe work environment, and it's totally different to, yes — show them. Our line of dry erase Lost Time Accident Posters will help you put a number to the number of days your employees keep their workplace accident-free — giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment every day they come to the workplace.

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Safety Awareness Posters

With eye-grabbing, real-life headlines, taken right from the papers, these new posters show, in no uncertain terms, the shockingly true consequences of not working safely. Under each headline, you'll find a bold, clear message, telling everyone how to keep their workplace accident and injury free.

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Instructional Safety Posters

These displays are designed to reinforce your training message and cover topics including:

  • Back Safety
  • Slip and Trip Prevention
  • Forklift Safety
  • Fall Prevention
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
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Smoking Posters

More and more, workplaces are becoming smoke-free environments. Employers can help remind employees of their safe practices through colorful, laminated, "No Smoking" posters. Employers can also designate areas where smoking is permitted with "Smoking Permitted" posters. Both posters are also available in English and Spanish.

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Emergency Safety Posters

Would your employees know what to do if someone started choking, what if there was a fire or other workplace emergencies? Safety posters can help your employees stay informed of possible dangers in the workplace, be used for emergency instructions, or even help save a life in a crisis situation.

*Please note: There may be additional required state posters that you must acquire from non-governmental sources or state registration. We are not legally able to provide you with these posters. We will, however, inform you of any additional posting requirements in your kit.